Where I'm From

Long Island, NY


Atlanta, GA

Schools Attended

SVA (New York), Full Sail University

Design Hero

Tom Ford

Favorite Colors

Purple, Gold


AIGA Atlanta

Matthew is an Atlanta based creative, possessing competency in visual design, customer journey, front-end web development, and user experience. He gathered his work experience mainly from corporate, non-profit, and government consulting projects and can function in a leadership and creative capability. Outside of his design proficiencies, Matthew also formally studied fine art (drawing), is passionate about auto design, interior design, and is a photography hobbyist. It is his passion for quality workmanship and detail that inspire Matthew to build clean, minimal, and well-designed experiences for people



I believe that design leaders have a responsibility to design quality products, services, and customer experiences that ensure people are comfortable interacting with them.
I have an ethical responsibility to lead the development of pleasant and memorable brand experiences, that supports quality, care and the enhancement of human decency.



Matthew studied art and design formally, but the process of designing web experiences for users captured his attention. Rather than work in the design industry after graduation, Matthew was offered a teaching position that helped him discover his strengths as a mentor, coach and developing creative talent. Known for transforming the personal and professional lives of his students, Matthew was Interactive Usability Design Educator for 9 years without a formal degree in education. He has lectured on various design related topics and was a volunteer student mentor to students approaching graduation.

Real Life Education + Real Life Experience

Matthew took the unconventional route by receiving his “real life MBA degree” as a design professor by day and entrepreneur on nights and weekends. He was graced to gain his business and design experience working on projects for Florida State Parks and Recreation, UNUM Group, Florida Hospital, Central Florida Commission on Homelessness, The Dept. of Homeland Security, The Walton Family Foundation, and Frontline Solutions. Having gained the majority of his experience working with social advocacy organizations, government organizations, lawyers, insurance companies, and real estate professionals, Matthew has transformed into a creative professional that can communicate to business leaders that need design strategies to solve their business challenges.