I’m an Atlanta based design and UX Professional that develops better customer experiences for people at an enterprise level. Currently, I’m a Lead Business Specialist for UNUM, assessing, planning and designing product experiences, that help mid and top-level management understand what’s going on within their organization. My day is filled with different responsibilities that include talking with different business departments finding out their needs, working on application development, and doing design work in Adobe XD.

My journey is unconventional but authentic.

I studied art at SVA and design at Full Sail University but ended up as a design educator by accident and was offered a teaching position right out of college. My journey as an educator revealed a passion for mentoring design students, assisting them in gaining employment, and educational leadership.

As a course director by day and a creative entrepreneur by night, I gained my design experience by working on social advocacy, non-profit, food & beverage, legal, insurance, and enterprise level projects. While gaining exposure to freelance and agency contract opportunities, I became self-taught in the areas of visual design, branding, UX design, participatory design, empathy design, and understanding how to discuss the design process with business executives.

I care deeply about craftsmanship, building collaborative environments, supporting diversity, and bringing harmony to creative work environments. I’m an advocate for improving design quality, maintaining visual standards, and adamant about “good design” existing everywhere – from personal style, dining experiences, automobiles, residential houses, parks, and public spaces.

Oh and by the way I’m obsessed with Tom Ford, watch design, collecting diecast models of luxury sports cars, and getting lost in a good book!

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