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As A Designer At Heart, A Proven Educator & Creative Professional I Have A Simple Mission: to consider human needs and desires at the center of all I do.

Experience Designer

I’m passionate about brand messaging, solving brand communication inconsistencies and designing experiences for customers. Rather than solely bringing brands to life through visual design, I’m passionate about building brand value consistency with every experience the customer and user has.

Design Educator

I’ve been teaching design courses, interactive usability principles, print design, and incorporating design thinking to show students how these fundamental principles help to build successful customer and user experiences. I’ve been an university level design educator for 8 years.

Inspired by Family

Collectively, my family worked in fashion, interior design, photography and automotive industries and infused it within my upbringing. Growing up alongside their passions and observing their commitment for doing good work, inspired me to want to dedicate my life to also building quality.

Design Statement

I pledge my creative career to designing quality products, services and customer experiences that ensure people are comfortable interacting with them; designing interior spaces that make people feel inspired to live better and give an understanding for the people who live in them. I want to contribute my creative talents towards developing personable and memorable moments, that supports quality, care and the enhancement of human decency.

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