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my journey

A Little About Me

I’m a Creative Professional that is passionate about utilizing design thinking, in order to create successful experiences for digital users as well as brick and mortar customer interactions. My personal passions include art, interiors and automotive design.

My family played a huge role in fueling my passion for design, aesthetics, and the arts. Collectively, my parents and grandparents incorporated their interests in fashion, interior design, photography and automotive design and infused it within my upbringing. Experiencing their passions and observing their commitment for doing good work, inspired me to want to dedicate my life to the creative industry.

At the young age of 8 my mother exposed me to the vibrant cosmopolitan energy of the streets of New York. That electricity motivated me to want to attend The School of Visual Arts to study Fine Arts and become part of that culture. Art school taught me how to observe creative work, appreciate it, dissect it and communicate about it from both subjective and objective perspectives.

After leaving art school I accepted part-time work at an elementary school, spending much of my time doing self-reflection on how I could merge my passion for art with my new found interest in art education. Although uncomfortable at first, working in the community and mentoring young people became very fulfilling.

Later I relocated to Orlando Florida to pursue formal education, focusing on developing an understanding of Brand Design, Web Development, User Experience Design, PR and Communications. A world very different than fine art. Upon graduating Full Sail University I accepted an entry-level teaching position, that allowed me to work alongside design students teaching them the principles of web design. That opportunity taught me the importance of building rapport with leadership and leading designers towards producing a desired outcome.

Eventually I transitioned into education leadership and gained experience in curriculum development, instructional design and education management. An opportunity that manifested I believe because of my initial interest in art education and working with youth. That role at Full Sail also inspired me take the leap of faith as a creative entrepreneur, to do great work for clients such as The Walton Family Foundation, IndyCar, Florida State Parks and others that needed brand identity design, user experience and web consulting.

From 2009 to date I’ve been primarily putting all my energy into assisting my clients in communicating who they are to their customers in print, web and their various digital and brick and mortar touch points. I’ve also been innovative in using design beyond it’s visual purpose and utilized it to solve business problems by creating customer journey maps and client on-boarding. I’ve also designed actual business processes to help clients reduce inefficiencies in doing tasks and reducing labor costs, by just simplifying the way things are done for internal teams.

As a designer at heart, a proven educator and creative consultant I have a simple mission: to consider human needs and desires at the center of all I do. This means being involved in creative projects where people are comfortable interacting with them; designing interior spaces that make people feel inspired to live better and give an understanding for the people who live in them. It means my involvement in the world of customer experience design and developing new ways of interacting with customers, that support and enhance human decency. It means restoring the human component in a world that has forgotten that…

people are first.

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