Hi! I’m Matthew.

I’m an Atlanta based designer that focuses designing the experiences that people have with things they use. Currently, I’m a designer & application developer for UNUM®, planning, designing, developing the applications used to support various parts of the organization. My day is filled with tasks that include talking with users within the organization, solving their pain-points, doing application design and developing desktop and web based applications. Outside of doing design and development work, I lead new project initiatives and technology audits upon request of business managers.

My Journey.

I studied Fine Art at The School of Visual Arts and design at Full Sail University, but ended up as a design educator after being offered a teaching position right out of college. My journey as an educator revealed a passion for supporting students in both their professional and personal growth.

As a Course Director by day and a entrepreneur by night, I gained my design experience working on social advocacy, ministry, non-profit, food & beverage, legal, insurance, and also did a lot of local pro bono work to support local non-profits. Gaining exposure to enterprise and agency-level work allowed me to become self-taught in the areas of brand communication design, web development, desktop application development, user experience design, and print design.

I care deeply about craftsmanship, quality, collaboration, and I’m an advocate for design and technology education. I’m an advocate for improving user experiences where they fall short, maintaining brand standards, and adamant about “good design” existing everywhere – from digital product design, dining experiences, automobiles, homes, and public spaces.


• Winner of 2019 Marcom Gold Award for Best Business Application Design

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