Project: Awareness Campaign Site
What I Did: UX Design
Client: Central FL Commission on Homelessness
Skillsets: Page Layout, Flowhcart, Wireframes, Wordpress Development

ReThinking Homelessness and Raising Awareness

The Central Florida Commission on Homelessness started a campaign called ReThink Homelessness; which focused on increasing regional awareness and breaking stereotypes on who is commonly affected by homelessness throughout Central Florida.

Client Request
For efficiency and workflow, we explored utilizing the WordPress platform in order to design, test and launch the website in a matter of 30 days. They wanted a site that could easily communicate their passion for the issue of homelessness and could be easily be updated by their in-house design team.

I first needed to understand who their users were, how they’d be using the site and what goals they would need to accomplish. By integrating low fidelity wireframes into a flow chart, it helped to communicate how the user would flow throughout the website successfully. Upon completing the wireframes, I began working on color schemes, selecting typography styles, and designing full-color web compositions to give the site content a personality and create an aesthetically pleasing experience for visitors – the desktop and mobile.

The client provided the campaign messaging and photography, and I threaded the content throughout the entire web experience. We utilized the WordPress platform to integrate the designs into a platform that was versatile enough to make rapid changes as the client submitted new ideas. We launched the website to be fully responsive for mobile device users.

ReThink Homeless Project Mockup