Project: Landing Page Design
What I Did: Web Design
Client: DriRite, Orlando FL.
Languages: HTML, CSS, Wordpress


Landing Page Design To Convert Calls To Customers

About The Client
DriRite is a Central Florida certified water damage restoration and mold remediation company, servicing commercial and residential properties. They also provide services such as commercial and residential duct cleaning.

Client Request
The client wanted a custom landing page that would convert site visitors seeking it services, into paid customers. The landing page had to look attractive and include both site copy and design elements that communicate effectively to their prospective customer.

I worked alongside the inhouse digital marketing manager to develop the copy and make sure the design aligned with their current marketing materials. Rather than install a theme and use the default settings, the design layout was completed in Photoshop and then formatted and styled within the Wordpress page templates. The Wordpress framework was used in order to make the design & development process more efficient for both desktop and mobile users.

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