Client: The Victory Group, Tampa FL
Project: Awareness Campaign Website
What I Did:Layout, Wireframe, Information Architecture and Flowchart Design

Coastal Preservation Throughout The Gulf Coast States

Campaign Overview
Operation 111 was an initiative launched in 2013 to promote conservation and restoration of natural habitats and waters, within the five Gulf Coast states impacted by the 2010 BP oil spill. The goal of the campaign was to inspire meaningful conversation about the significant impact the oil spill had on Gulf Coast economics and local residents.

The NationBuilder community platform was chosen to develop the web campaign. NationBuilder is a fully-integrated tool, that combines website, database, email, social media marketing tools all in one that can help build supporters around a shared cause. I focused on the design, information architecture, site planning, and overall visual experience of the website. I partnered with a NationBuilder consultant to lead web development and design integration.

Operation 111 Operation 111