Common Questions People Ask

How Much Do You Charge?

Pricing can vary as the companies they’re for, and to draft a proposal there are somethings I need to know. As a starting point, send me an email telling me about your business, where you want to take it, the problem you want to solve, and how you’d like me to help. I’ll get you a figure or ballpark as soon as I can.

How do you handle payments?

I break down payments into 2-to-3 payment installations. You can mail payments to 541 10th Street NW Suite 418 Atlanta, GA 30318 or you can pay them electronically when you receive invoices.

Do you have a design philosophy?

I believe a design should be clean, classy, elegant, sophisticated, and timeless.

How Long Do You Take To Complete Work?

Projects vary from two weeks to three months, depending on the type of timeline and budget you have. What determines the time is the amount of work involved and the number of people involved in making the right design and development decisions.

Do you work alone or do you have a team?

Even though I handle all design direction on projects, I do not work alone. It puts the client at risk in the event something happens to me. I have developers, designers, video & media specialists, copywriters, and social media experts who work alongside me when called upon.

Do You Have A Process?

I usually start by looking at the problem you want to solve and your business goals. I want to get the most amount of information possible upfront in order to build an estimate, with a cost to deliver that solution. Once we agree on the investment, terms, and approach, the first part of my work focuses on research because without listening and observing, I’d be making a whole lot of design assumptions.

However, there are projects that do not require this sort of in-depth project research and I have already built successful proven use cases from, that can be transferred applied, and tailored to a new client’s request. Working with me means you’ll be supported, respected, and never talked down to and you’ll always learn something new from me.

What Role Do I Play As A Client?

It goes without saying, but I need my clients to tell me what kind of outcomes and design experiences they want to see built. The more specific your idea and inspiration is, the easier it will be to turn that vision into a reality.

Who Is Your Typical Client?

My typical clients are best described as individuals who appreciate good design, are used to investing large amounts of money into their business, have an eye for layout, and respect the process of making a great end product. Outside of that, I attract good-spirited, kind-hearted, respectful individuals who value my work.

Do you provide pro bono work and services?

Annually, I like to donate my design or consulting services to ONE minority-owned business, specifically, women-owned and lead. If you would like to be considered for a Pro Bono project please contact me by December 31st, for consideration the following year. The organization that is chosen will be notified in January.

Let’s Talk

If you’d like to talk about the design, redesign, or refinement of an online, brick-and-mortar, or product experience, I’ll be here, looking forward to it.

m. (404) 832-0465‬