Wishful Concepts Catering Print Designs

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Wishful Concepts Catering Project Overview

Creative Contributions

Graphic Design . Print Design . Editorial Design

Year Completed: September 2016

Client Overview

Wishful Concepts Catering has received “Best of Weddings” for 6 years consecutively since 2012, for delivering quality catering services throughout the Central Florida region. Chef Samone designs intimate culinary experiences for foodies passionate about quality food experiences, quality ingredients and elegant presentation. Through her catering company Wishful Concepts, Chef Samone has successfully turned the discussion about food, into a very simple process that her clients connect to.

Client Request

As brand manager my responsibility was to ensure the brand message was communicated clearly through all print, web and electronic media. My role extended into supporting any press or media opportunities that should arise for Chef Samone. By using a combination of technical and design skill sets, such as web design, video production, and PR, my core responsibilities centered around brand consistency, customer experience design and ensuring the brand message reached the right audiences.

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