Wishful Concepts Catering Customer Experience Design

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My Contributions

+ Facilitated Discovery Workshops
+ Completed Voice of Customer Research
+ Business Process Design & Development
+ Experience Map Design
+ Customer Persona Research & Design

Wishful Concepts Catering built a successful reputation for 13 years in Orlando, for making customers feel part of the process when designing their catering and dining experiences. Putting customers first has always been important to chef and founder, Samone Lett and she was adamant in making sure the design of the company’s customer experience communicated that.

As Wishful Concepts Catering grew it was important to continue to improve the customer experience by listening to two main voices: the customer and the people who work with in it. In an effort to improve internal and external business communications, we explored the process of defining the company’s ideal customer,  setting up discovery workshops, utilizing voice of customer research and developing new business processes to solve bumps in the customer experience; that often times go unnoticed in the presence of business growth.

By listening to previous customers and team members we gathered their observations and designed solutions to improve their experiences. This was a two year process of collecting first hand information from core team members, previous customers, doing research and designing solutions to improve customer relations and catering operations.

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