Wishful Concepts Catering Customer Experience Design

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Wishful Concepts Catering Project Overview


+ Client Discovery Workshops
+ Voice of Customer
+ Business Process Development
+ Journey Map Design
+ Customer Persona Development

Wishful Concepts Catering built a successful reputation for 13 years, for making customers feel part of the process when choosing the right caterer. This has always been important to chef and founder, Samone Lett and she was adamant in making sure the design of the company’s customer experience communicated that.

As the company grew it was important to continue to improve the customer experience by listening to two main voices: the customer and the people who work with Samone everyday. In an effort to improve internal and external business communications, we explored the process of defining the company’s ideal customer by setting up discovery workshops, utilizing voice of customer, and developing personas around them.

By listening to previous customers and team members we gathered their observations and designed solutions to improve their experiences. This was a two year process of collecting first hand information from core team members, previous customers, doing research and designing solutions to improve customer relations and catering operations.

Wishful Concepts Catering Customer Experience Project

CategoryGroupPriorityObservations (Problem/Opportunity)
Back of House(1)CriticalThere are no set structures and processes put in place to address the integration, accountability and performance of people who work in the kitchen.
Back of House(1) CriticalSome core team members are not familiar with food preparation details based on the way the client customized their menu. Frequent training and developing a process to explain customer food requests, could improve Back of House workflow.
Staffing(1)LowBecause we have a positive team culture, senior core team members expressed sincere interest in being involved in the hiring process to be able to maintain consistent company culture.
Collaboration(1) HighThere should be more collaboration of information between leadership and core team members. It feels sometimes like core team members get pieces of information, that make understanding expectations at events hard.
Event Logistics(1)HighSome team members hesitate to communicate food details to guests at events because they are not well acquainted with event details and service offerings. Leadership should work to create some sort of 1 to 2 page event details sheet that core team members can study to get an understanding of what the clients needs are, venue logistics, menu and what are the specific details surrounding each event.
Leadership Presence(1)LowSome previous customers expressed that they wished that Chef Samone was actually at all her events. They expressed that seeing her during consultations created an emotional bond and they wished that feeling continued all the way through into event day. Although customers were happy with the service they received from, they still felt disconnected from Chef Samone because of her absence. Leadership is interested in revisiting this, to see if it is a scalable concept that could be sustained long term.
Client Relations(1), (2)
CriticalThe timing of when clients are asked to provide final details regarding their catering contract, that may have been missed initially, are inconsistent and sometimes are requested a day before the wedding, which contributes to a more stressful and untrustworthy customer experience. Core team members also expressed this impacts their ability to be properly be prepared to work events. Both customers and core team members expressed creating some sort of process 10 to 15 days prior to make things smoother.
Client Onboarding(2)HighWork on developing a very detailed contract and highlight key areas of vital information for clients; doing so could help customers be more informed of what to expect from Wishful Concepts Catering.

Wishful Concepts Catering Customer Experience Project

Wishful Concepts Catering Customer Experience Project

Wishful Concepts Catering Customer Journey Map

Wishful Concepts Catering Team Journey Map

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