Project Type

Landing Page Design


DriRite Services, Orlando FL


Website Design, Wordpress

Landing Page Design to Increase Calls From Customers


Project Overview
Established in 1988 and serving Florida for over 30 years, DriRite has developed a strong reputation in Central Florida as a certified water damage restoration and mold remediation company. They also provide services such as commercial and residential duct cleaning.

The client had an old website that was built using tables and did not display content correctly on both tablet and mobile phones. Rather than make a complete website, we discussed designing and developing a standalone web page, created specifically for marketing and advertising the business based on a Google AdWords Campaign. By working alongside the social media manager, we used Google analytics to develop a landing page that communicated to the target audience. Upon finalization of the design, the website was developed around the Wordpress framework to make the development process more efficient for both desktop and mobile experiences.