Project Type

UX Design


New Destiny Christian Center


UI Design, Web Page Layout, Information Architecture, Wireframe Design

Improving The User Experience On A Church Website

Client Overview
New Destiny Christian Center launched a new brand messaging campaign and re-designed the entire visual look of the organization, before working on establishing a new look for their site. A web redesign was proposed after completing the first phase of their rebranding, after discovering a few usability design issues.

Due to time constraints, the client could not do a full re-design and fit development into the rebranding production schedule. To save time and resources, I suggested developing design mockups, wireframes, and plan content structure and functionality. The designs could then be given to the church’s web development team to complete the web development phase.

To assist with a successful re-design and launch, I ensured that full-color mockups and detailed wireframes were completed to give the development as much visual information possible. It was important that they received something which could aid them in the process of understanding how to build out the design to be in alignment with the new visual identity.