Project: Voice of Customer Research
What I Did: Research, Customer Experience Design
Client: Wishful Concepts Catering
Skillsets: VOC Research, Discovery Workshops, Journey Maps, Customer Persona Development

Improving Internal and External Customer Experiences

Wishful Concepts Catering built a growing reputation for 13 years in Orlando, for making customers feel part of the process when designing their dining experiences. Putting people first has always been important to the owners, and they were adamant in making sure the design of the company’s internal and external customer experience communicated that.

As the company grew, it was essential to continue to manage the customer experience by listening to two main voices: the customer and catering team. This was a process of collecting first-hand information from core team members, previous customers, doing the market research, and designing solutions to improve customer relations and catering operations.

To improve the internal and external experience, it was essential to define the company’s ideal customer, host feedback sessions, utilize voice-of-customer research, develop new business processes. By listening to previous customers and catering team, we gathered their observations and proposed some solutions to improve their experiences.

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