Project: Voice of Customer Research & Analysis
Client: NueWay Studios, Atlanta GA
I Worked On: VOC Research, Data, Reporting


Churches Need Voice of Customer Research To Effectively Grow

A Georgia based non-denominational ministry wanted to rebrand their organizational culture and visual image. Before investing in their rebrand, the senior pastors decided to hear what their congregation and leaders thought about the ministry first before making assumptions about what their organization should represent. Rebranding is not about what an organization says about itself, but what others say about an organization. Being clear first about brand perception can adequately guide the conversation before making any efforts to rebrand.

NueWay Studios focused on the rebrand, and I recommended the use of voice-of-customer research to root out more significant challenges and truths within their ministry. Doing so empowered the senior pastors to understand what their customers (congregation & leaders) were saying, feeling and thinking. I took the approach of listening to what “people want” and what “people need” to properly guide the rebranding strategy lead by NueWay Studios.

We Used Surveys.
Understanding what customers think “you do well” and “where you need to improve,” is the core of completing a successful rebrand for any organization. By listening to the church congregation and leaders, both the data and insights from the report guided the internal and external changes needed to strengthen the rebranding process. Both the qualitative and quantitative data in the report containing the “reasons, opinions and motivations” and “the numbers,” aided in a successful and intentional rebrand.

We guided the ministry in being aware of their brand perception from the perspective of the leadership and the members. The rebranding efforts supported by NueWay Studios, in turn, became more “customer-centric” meeting the needs of the congregation and supporting ministry leaders towards delivering better church experiences.

My analysis focused on the following criteria that guided my report in learning about the customer perspective. Questions were asked to determine more about the following:

  1. Church attendance consistency
  2. The loyalty that members and leadership possess towards the church
  3. Attitudes and feelings towards the church
  4. Assessing the church’s impact on members and the local community (if any)
  5. Excitement and joy surrounding the church experience
  6. Areas of improvement that hold priority for those who attend the church
  7. Are members and leaders being recognized for their efforts
  8. The likeliness of church members/leadership to invite others to church

Next Steps
As a consultant committed to seeing the project all the way through, I supported the client for an additional 30 days after completion to guide the rebranding process. NueWay Studios regularly hold meetings and provides opportunities for me to provide insight into effective brand strategies for the church.

“In everything we presented to the client, they were most impressed by the research that helped them understand the needs of their leaders and members,” explains Charday Oldacre – CEO of NueWay Studios. The data and the insights have kept the senior pastors in alignment with their goals and vision for the ministry.”