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Elizabeth Spollen

Event Management

I’ve had the esteemed pleasure to work alongside Matthew since the beginning of 2014 in a vendor/vendor relationship with Wishful Concepts Catering as well as in a personal capacity later in 2016 for my own wedding! This rare mix of productivity and ambition sets a great example for the rest of us, and explains why everyone loves working with Matthew and Wishful Concepts Catering. While Matthew’s work has continued to pay off with the expansion of Wishful Concepts, I certainly miss working with him. I have only optimistic predictions for his career trajectory and look forward to the next time we work together again!


Lyle Lovett

Managing Partner

It is very rare that I find the time to write a recommendation so I normally do not do so but for Matthew Lett I am compelled to. Matthew is probably one of the most dedicated professionals I have had the opportunity to learn from. His acute attention to detail, his ability to multi task in a fast paced environment, and his ability to listen intently to your needs and then execute a plan of action is second to none. I was so impressed by his recent work on my website that I have been telling everyone about him. I am grateful I found him and if you hire him to meet your branding development needs I assure you he will “wow” you every step of the way.


Michael Burkhead

Full Sail Graduate

I had the privilege of having Matthew as my lab specialist instructor for interface and usability and web design courses at Full Sail University. Never in my life have I had someone encourage, empower, and mentor me like Matthew. He was one of a few people who genuinely took vested interest with his students to coach us beyond our limits. He was patient as we all had different learning styles, and used many methods to help each one of us connect concepts teaching us a semesters worth of HTML and CSS in less than a month. I learned more about typography in his class than I did in my dedicated typography course. Matthew Letts’ leadership, mentorship, and passion for teaching pushes people to achieve more than they knew were possible!


Jennifer Boys

Marketing Director

During my time as a student at Full Sail University, Matthew quickly has become more than an instructor to me, but more of a mentor. He is someone I go to for advice, information and guidance on all things design. He has an impeccable way of communicating in a way that is unique to each student, ensuring the greatest possibility of success and comprehension. Matt’s personal philosophy on teaching stretches far beyond the walls of any school and his enthusiasm for education far exceeds his duties as an “instructor”. His influence will stay with me long after I graduate from Full Sail University, and I look forward to putting into practice the philosophies he has taught me in my own career.


Adrianna Pasquotto

Digital Marketing & Brand Design

I had the opportunity to have Matthew lett as a Lab Specialist in a couple of classes while attending Full Sail University and I can say Matthew has a true passion and dedication for his career. He is a person that cares, easy to talk, great at what he does, and very inspirational. I also had the opportunity to work together in the development of my personal website and it was a great experience. I highly recommend Matthew Lett for any services he offers or any team work.


Roy Rodezno

Creative Entreprenuer

Matthew Lett is a very knowledgeable teacher, mentor and also a great work colleague. I have been granted the opportunity to not only have him teach me as a college course director but also as a professional work colleague and mentor on multiple web projects. I have learned a lot from Matthew’s expert knowledge and mentoring in creative design, web design, design business and branding. I highly recommend Matthew as a top pick for any creative web project and also a top pick for mentoring and teaching.


Jeana Aaron

Marketing Director

Professor Matthew Lett has been an extreme source of encouragement and has given me precise and helpful feedback. Throughout my time in his class at Full Sail University I have been provided constructive critiques that will make me a better artist and employee. He has helped me understand layouts, typography placement and color contrast all within Adobe InDesign. In his class I have learned how to execute a proper magazine cover, feature magazine article, branding and packaging and lastly corporate marketing collateral such as brochures. He is very hands on, detail oriented and extremely patient. I appreciate his time and the effort that he puts into making his class great!

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