Pastor Paula White Packaging Design

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My Contributions

+ Art Direction
+ Graphic Design
+ Print Design

Client Request

This packaging design is for a 2-disc teaching series on Pentecost authored and released by Paula White Ministries. Researching how to incorporate cultural reference into my design approach established a smooth creative process and workflow.


As the creative director/designer on this project I researched items such as twine, sackcloth, doves and old world textures, in an effort to combine these elements to establish a connection with the season of Pentecost. I wanted to create something with a minimal aesthetic that was authentic to the Paula White Ministry brand.


While researching I was able to conclude that the dove should be the visual focus of the design. The dove happens to be a consistent biblical and historical symbol for many things throughout the Judeo/Christian faith: purity, faithfulness, love and what Christians refer to the presence of the triune God as – “The Holy Spirit”. My research concluded that throughout the bible, the symbol of the dove is threaded throughout the Old and New Testament and that the product design would connect to it’s audience.

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