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Operation 111 Campaign Website


Having never used The Nation Builder website platform before to build web projects, there was a huge learning curve that had to be grasped in under 2 weeks if I were to be a success at this opportunity. Nation Builder staff were super supportive in sharing tools and online resources that allowed me to extend my WordPress knowledge into a new web framework.

Audience & Message

The Operation 111 Campaign was an initiative backed by the Walton Family Foundation that launched in 2013 to educate and promote the sound conservation and restoration of natural habits and waters within the five Gulf Coast impacted by the 2010 oil spill. The campaign’s goal: to ensure meaningful communication and let Gulf Coast residents know that we are all in this together for One Cause, One Coastline, One Chance.

(Video produced and directed by The Victory Group / Tampa FL)


Nation Builder Learning Curve: Working with SASS was new and even more of a challenge due to how the Nation Builder platform works with it. Working with my Nation Builder consultant helped a lot during this process of front-end integration of my design ideas.

No Website Content To Start The Design: How could I design initial design layouts with no real content to design with while still creating strong initial drafts for the client to review? Through research I was able to find campaigns similar in nature and integrated some sample content for the initial drafts – the client made their tweaks from that reference point.

Design Process

Using my understanding of color psychology and user research, I found a color palette that would be a good fit to communicate the campaign’s message. I created high-fidelity mock-ups on initial draft; tweaks were made in the second round of revisions before HTML & CSS front-end development inside of Nation Builder.

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