My Journey

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my journey

Matthew Dean Lett

I’m passionate about luxury brands, automobile design, branding, and utilizing design thinking to create successful experiences for users and customers.

Creative Roots

My family was the inspiration in development of my beliefs about design and aesthetics. My mom studied fashion merchandising and brought her love for fashion and style into everyday living throughout our household. My grandmother worked in the fashion industry on 7th avenue in New York and taught me why we should appreciate quality and craftsmanship. My grandfather built amazing tile design work in peoples’ homes on the island of Trinidad and was a freelance photographer for The New York Press. When it comes to my passion for automobile design and engineering, my father who has since retired from the automotive industry plated the seeds.

Art School.

After graduating high school, my passion for art landed me an acceptance at The School of Visual Arts in New York studying fine art. Studying art and it’s history around the world, really helped to shape my visual literacy and understand how art shapes society, fashion and architecture.

Student Mentoring.

After leaving art school I accepted part-time work at a local elementary school, spending much of my time doing self-reflection and working with youth. Although uncomfortable at first, working with youth was very fulfilling; allowing me to discover passion for working in the community and mentoring young people. After relocating to Orlando I earned a B.S. in Digital Arts & Design, concentrating in Identity Design, Usability Design, Web Design, and Front-End Web Development. Upon graduating Full Sail I accepted a Web Lab Specialist position that allowed me to mentor design students and reinforce web design concepts taught during lectures. Becoming a Web Lab Specialist also taught me the importance of building rapport with creative teams and communicating effectively when leading designers.

Design Education Leadership

Having had great mentors as Course Directors I eventually transitioned into education leadership and built an Interactive Design class from the ground up; a course that was not in existence prior within the degree. Currently as an interactive design educator I help students bridge the relationship with traditional graphic design principles and foundational use in building interactive experiences for customers.  Having gained experience in curriculum development, instructional design and education management, my journey has provided opportunity to develop into a leader with a proven track record of helping students experience post-graduation success in the industry.

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