My Journey

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Matthew Dean Lett

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My family was instrumental in helping me develop into a multi-faceted communications professional. My mom studied fashion merchandising and brought her love for fashion and style into everyday living throughout our household. With anything my mother did she is always did it at a level that was theatrical and elegant in nature. My grandmother worked as a pattern maker and technical designer for various fashion houses in New York and taught me to appreciate fashion design, fine quality, and craftsmanship. My grandfather was a photographer for the New York Press and had an amazing sense of personal style that has rubbed off on me. My father exposed me to his knowledge and passion for automotive engineering very early in life. Having the experience of watching my father pursue his passion everyday, planted seeds of curiousity transforming me into a passionate auto enthusiast and DIY hobbyist.

Art School.

After graduating high school, my passion for design and art landed me an acceptance at The School of Visual Arts in New York where I studied fine art. Being exposed to the world of fine art really helped to shape my awareness of world culture, design literacy and understanding how art inspires popular culture. While in art school I hit a point where I felt limited learning about art everyday, so I left and embarked on a personal journey of self discovery.

My Background In Youth Education.

After leaving art school I accepted part-time work at a local elementary school, spending much of my time doing self-reflection. Working in an elementary school environment was strange territory. Although uncomfortable at first, working with youth was very fulfilling and it allowed me to discover the passion for teaching people things. It was Dr. Maria Palandra and Mrs. Joy Madera’s mentorship that inspired me take the opportunity seriously and it pushed me out of my comfort zone.

UX Design Educator & Design Professional

After relocating from Long Island New York to Orlando Florida in 2005, I received a Bachelors of Science in Digital Arts & Design. That educational experience equipped me to the principles of successful visual communications, user experience design, client relations, organizational and project management skills.

For the past 10 years I’ve been passionately working as both a creative professional and design educator at Full Sail University. I have 7 years experience, teaching design students how to incorporate traditional design principles in building wireframes and developing interactive prototypes. Having gained experience in college curriculum development, instructional design, educational leadership and professional design, my journey has provided me the opportunity to develop into a creative leader in and out of the classroom.

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