CRS Hotels

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CRS Hotels Project Overview

Creative Contributions

HTML & CSS Front-End Development, Proper code documentation with CSS & HTML commenting

Completed: January 2010

Client Overview

Founded in 1987, (Central Reservation Service) is a FREE hotel reservation service. We offer great rates and special deals at hotels and resorts, with no prepayment and no hidden fees — no booking, change, or cancellation fees — in our Preferred Destinations. Our hotel reservation service is designed primarily for vacationers and business travelers from small to medium-sized businesses.

Client Request

An Orlando based design agency handled designing the entire web interface and submitted all Photoshop files for front-end development. My responsibilities included structuring the site content using HTML, styling the content using CSS, and building interactions using some basic Javascript. The site files were developed in order to be integrated successfully within the CRS Hotels server environment. Upon project completion the client received well documented HTML and CSS files, that could easily be integrated with any server-side scripting language and relational database.

CRS Hotels - Homepage
CRS Hotels - Sample CSS Stylesheet
CRS Hotels - Destination Page
CRS Hotels - HTML Sample Code
CRS Hotels - Group Travel Page
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