I Teach UX Design to Graphic Design Students

Teaching UX Design to Graphic Design students, has become an important focus within the design education community. The popular buzz word “UX Design”, short for User Experience Design is being integrated more and more into design curriculum. Whether you’re a high-school educator, trade school…

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Art, Travel

Miami Art Basel Week 2016

Every December, from the 3rd through the 10th, the city of Miami and it’s surrounding neighborhoods showcase contemporary art and celebrate different forms of creative expression. Artists, tourists and creative enthusiasts come to participate in art events, discussion panels and…

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Automotive, Stories

Why I Love Cars So Much

Recently I started a personal passion project on Instagram. It can be found at @luxurycarpassion and it’s about time I did it. It’s a space created with the intention of sharing my passion for european automobiles, DIY mechanic life, luxury car…

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Social Etiquette

Holiday Gift Giving Etiquette

The months of October, November and December are here!!! We are in the the holiday season where everyone is building their online shopping lists and checking off the people they intend to purchase gifts for. Gift giving is emotionally rewarding and…

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