BG Oleta River Outdoor Website Visual Design

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My Contributions

+ WordPress Setup & Installation
+ WordPress Plugin Installation & Configuration
+ Content Design Using Visual Composer


M-Fusion Agency, Ocala Florida

Client Overview

In 2013 Bobby Genovese, the creator of the BG Signature Brand which is a global portfolio of luxury destinations and experiences, expanded his commitment to land conservation by partnering with the Department of Environmental Protection as official concessionaires of several Florida state parks. With the desire to protect Florida ecotourism land and waterscapes while ensuring accessibility to visitors, the M-Fusion Agency in Ocala Florida developed the strategy and creative direction of the BG Ocala State Park website. BG Oleta River State Park is best known for miles of off-road bicycling trails, kayak tours, paddle boards and canoe activities.

Client Request

The M-Fusion Marketing agency handled content management, creative direction and client communication. My specific responsibilities included managing the structure of all site content, the relationship between each site page, implementing interactivity, functionality and designing all the site content for desktop and mobile.

To ensure the web site could be completed in a 3 week timeframe, I utilized the WordPress framework along with some visual building plugins to increase productivity and deliver the project quickly. Even though we utilized a WordPress theme to build out the majority of the site, some of the client requests still required large amounts of code modifications to the theme template files in order to deliver specific client requests.

Parks and Recreation Web Design

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