About Me

Matthew Dean Lett

Phone: 321.396.2834
Email: mlett@iammatthewlett.com

Instagram: @matthewdeanlett

My Journey.

Since the age of 9, I was that kid who kept my clothes color coordinated, drew on the walls inside my closet, kept sketch books, would love grazing my fingers on the surface of fabrics, always visually analyzed the space around me, and constantly moved furniture around when I got bored of how it looked.

After graduating from high school, my passion for design and art landed me an acceptance at The School of Visual Arts in New York City. Being exposed to the world of fine art really helped to shape my awareness of world culture, design, art history, fashion and product design. While in art school I hit a point where solely being an artist no longer satisfied me. After leaving art school I accepted part-time work at a local elementary school, spending much of my time doing self-reflection.

Working in an elementary school environment was strange territory and I pushed through tons of mistakes made. Although uncomfortable at first, working with youth was very fulfilling and it allowed me to discover the passion for education. It was Dr. Maria Palandra and Mrs. Joy Madera’s guidance that inspired me take the job opportunity they opened up for me seriously. After relocating from New York to Orlando I completed my Bachelor of Science degree in Digital Arts and Design from Full Sail University, a media and design school in Central Florida.

That educational experience exposed me to user experience design, web design principles, client relations and project management—subject matters that have helped me become a well rounded creative professional and problem solver. I’m able to solve visual and creative business problems due to my diverse education background, my understanding of how to bridge technology, art, design, and use digital and traditional design methods to communicate ideas.

I’ve worked on smaller budget design projects and larger budget design projects. Some of those experiences have been with great organizations such as Florida State Parks, Vero Beach Polo and The Walton Family Foundation. But in all my design experience the most fulfilling experiences have been with entrepreneurs and business leaders, who asked me to work along side them solving business problems through design and technology.

I’ve been on a journey discovering how to successfully merge my passion for education and design together. For the past 7 years I’ve been teaching design at a university level here in Orlando. I teach the same design principles that have worked for my personal freelance client projects. As the Course Director at Full Sail University I teach interactive design principles, wireframe development, and usability design principles within the context of the (Adobe XD) Adobe Experience Design software.


My journey as both an design educator and a creative has prepared me to grow into the next phase of my life, which will be pursuing career opportunities that focus on luxury product design and developing unforgettable spacial experiences for luxury clientele.

I have a vision to merge the principles of social etiquette and brand experience design, to redefine the customer experience for luxury products and services.